Gray hair is a real nightmare for women. Previously, gray hair caused a panic and made women to hide it. However, the gray hair has become a trend among the celebrities and even young girls. Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, Pink, Lady Gaga and others have already demonstrated this trendy color on the red carpet. Their all shades of gray soaked Instagram and fashion blogs. This new fashion changed the attitude to grey hair, making women in ages proudly show their natural beauty. But there is still a question which hairstyle to choose. Let’s figure it out.


Ready to change

To dye your hair gray or leave the gray hair for senior ladies is a serious step. However, if you still have enough courage, and everything will be done correctly, the result will be pleasantly surprised. A woman with well-groomed hair of an unusual shade will not be unnoticed.

Gray color is suitable for short haircuts and long curls, graduation and just long straight hair, horsetail and a bunch. Different styling options make it possible to show hair color from unexpected sides. 


Simple tips for senior women

  1.   Be natural – its trendy

We stopped using Photoshop and now strive to show the natural beauty of woman. Gray hair can have a cold or golden shade. In order to remove the ugly yellow, you can use special tools. For example, shampoo with a slight purple shade. The main thing is not to overdo it on the hair.

  1.  Use soft tinting dye

If the hair has partially retained the natural color, you can use a soft tinting dye. This will allow you to create the effect of French highlighting.

  1.  Give your preference to the short haircuts

Gray hair looks better with short haircuts. Long gray hair on the contrary give age.


Relevant haircuts for ladies in age

Hairstyles for medium and short hair have a lot of advantages. Except they have a magic rejuvenating effect, they are also universal. This makes it possible to perform a variety of styling, from simple everyday ones to evening ceremonial.

If you are over 50 and your hair is not thick, you can choose Bob. There are a lot of its versions:

  •       Short with a bouffant;
  •       Extended with a gradient;
  •       Layered;
  •       Asymmetrical, able to hide the imperfections of the face and neck;
  •       With a bang;
  •       Without bangs with long side strands.

Having chosen this haircut, a woman over 50 will certainly emphasize her excellent taste and will look harmonious. In addition to the obvious rejuvenating effect, their versatility provides excellent opportunities for creating various styling options – from daily to weekends and special occasions.

If you think that bang is the best solution for you, pay attention to the elegant and feminine page-boy haircut. Depending on the type of face, you can choose one of the options – with straight or asymmetric bang, short-cut temples or with a side parting locks.

Choose and look stylish at any age!