Haircutting – is one of the important elements of the woman`s image, which can successfully emphasize the beautiful features of her appearance, character, and temperament. Properly selected cutting is the hallmark of its owner. This rule does not change with age. On the contrary, entering into a mature age woman should choose their style more thoughtfully check link below.

Why do they choose pixie

Modern pixie is relevant for women in their 50s no less than for young ladies. This hairstyle adds extravagance and lightness to senior ladies. You can find an impressive number of its owners on the streets, in public transport, in offices, etc. Before you decide to change your appearance, you should know how universal the pixie is for women over 50 and what are its features and rules of styling.


The variations of the pixie

Pixie is a very short style, which is characterized by the strands of different lengths. The locks are cut in a chaotic manner, without strict symmetry and clear lines.

According to the classical scheme, the locks should be cut behind the ears and at the base of the head as short as possible. The neck should be open. Especially it looks beautiful with a long neck. It creates the effect of the “swan neck”, which, according to the existing canons, is considered the standard of beauty. At the same time, the strands on the back of the head and the crown can be of different lengths.


Suitable coloring

Stylists are not limited in the choice of coloring. Women over 50s should give their preference to the following shades:

  •       Chocolate;
  •       Black;
  •       Cool shades of blond;
  •       Highlighting;
  •       Coloring;
  •       Ombre, and others.


Meet pixie

Women after 50s should select pixie very deliberately. This hairstyle can both emphasize the mature beauty of the lady, and focus on wrinkles, sagging skin of the face or neck.

Ultrashort hairstyles are ideal for women of slim stature, with a smooth posture. It should be taken into account also on the particular character of the lady. So, pixies are suitable for women who have an active lifestyle, fun and positive. If the lady is often serious, then you should choose another hairstyle.

Previously it was thought, that this is an ideal option for owners of an oval face. However, due to the variety of options, it was possible to make the haircut available for other types of appearance. If you have doubts about how to make the right choice, you should consult with a stylist. A specialist will be able to find the best image that will allow you to look perfect after 50.