Cuts for ladies over 50 have to emphasize their eyes, facial features, as well as hide wrinkles and small appearance imperfections. Each woman has to choose a cut by herself taking her face shape into account. There are multiple hairdos to choose from: with and without bangs, short and long ones which help create an eye-catching look and make the image elegant.

Selecting A Hairdo

Ladies over 50 have to give preference to short or medium length cuts; they always emphasize facial features, as well as make them look more fashionable. Stylists recommend ladies over 50 to choose trendy cuts taking their face shape and body constitution into account. Basic tips to take into consideration:

  • stylish short and medium length ‘dos help the ladies look more elegant and younger than their age;
  • it’s suggested to wear side part hairstyle;
  • give preference to long side bangs, and avoid cutting straight ones;
  • bob without bangs is one of the best cuts to choose from.

Hairdos for ladies over 50 should not only be comfortable but also stylish and eye-catching. There are lots of options you can choose from willing to change your image; give preference to the one you can easily style, the one which will make you look younger than your age.


Some Options To Take Into Account

Wavy medium length hair always looks great on skinny ladies. It’s worth avoiding too long straight ‘dos; such a way you will look even skinnier and your facial features will look more angular.

Garson is a short cut which will help you create an edgy and, at the same time elegant image. The length can be different on the sides, back and in the front. Such ‘do emphasize feminine facial features.

Cascade is a catch for ladies over 50 with fine hair. Short layered strands of hair on the sides hide wrinkles making you look younger than your age. Layered cascade is a cut perfect for women of any age. It can be easily styled with a dryer and a round brush.

Bob will also be a great option for ladies over 50; it may be either short or medium length. Skinny ladies should give preference to asymmetric lob with side or straight bangs.

Pixie can be chosen by ladies with triangle face shape; it will make you look younger, as well as help you create a more individual look. Such a cut can be easily styled by means of special hair products and dryer.