The woman is able to impress with her beauty and charm in any age. The key to success is to properly highlight the advantages of your appearance with appropriate haircutting. Well-selected cutting for women after 50 cannot only give a well-groomed image, style, and attractiveness but also to become one of the rejuvenating tools, skillfully correcting the appearance of the ladies. Look at the 10 universal cuttings for women we prepared for you here.


Frequent recommendations

In 2019, the professional views of stylists made it possible to form a common vision of women`s image who overcame a fifty-years age line. The idea is to follow a comprehensive approach when selecting a type of cutting, and careful attitude to color palette, hair length, and shape.

When selecting a color, it is important to avoid bright, extravagant shades that would be appropriate only for the younger generation. If your color of the skin is light, then you have to primarily choose the darker shades. The colorists advise mixing the basic colors of curls with tender caramel, wheat or gold highlighting, which will help to make a spectacular face frame and emphasize its advantages.


Rejuvenating haircuts 2019

As it is mentioned on the site, short cuttings will always be relevant for ladies over 50. 2019 brings the fashion for pixies, which can be easily chosen by a woman. Here are top-10 universal haircuts to be selected:

  1.     Pixie;
  2.     Asymmetry;
  3.     Graduation;
  4.     Bob;
  5.     Long Bob;
  6.     Garcon;
  7.     Aurora;
  8.     Mid-hair layering;
  9.     Side fringe;
  10. Asymmetrical long bob.

The shortlist of “the most trendy haircuts for short hair for women over 50” perfectly complements Garcon. This style will be always relevant among women of any appearance and age. Since its creation in France in the 20s, the garcon remains the most popular female haircut until today. Garson on short hair makes a lively and energetic image, bringing confidence to the hairstyle owner.

Long bob keeps its positions among the popular cuttings for women over 50. To fulfill the list of trendy hairstyles for ladies at this age, you can use Bob with graduations and Asymmetrical Bob. These options are suitable and universal: minimum of efforts and maximum of new stylish looks. 


“Not to do” list

There are also a number of taboos which worth to consider:

  • Avoid smooth hairstyles. After 50, it is very important to add some volume to hairstyle;
  • Do not make long curls or ponytail;
  • Do not choose ultrashort hairstyles, if you got used to long hair, because elegant curls are not out of fashion and are still quite relevant at any age.

If your hair has saved a healthy look and internal energy, you can consider haircuts for long hair. In this case, you can choose multi-layered haircuts with elements of asymmetry. Skillful combinations of long bob, cascade and graduation will perfectly fit the whole look of a lady in 50.



In general, the variations of cutting for women in 50th are more than diversified. Age is not a reason to lose interest in your appearance and the fashionable style! You can always set your own fashion trends that best suits both the status and age. 

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