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Hello There! I’ve purchased the “How to Make and Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wild Fire” not too long ago… I read the whole book step by step… By the 3rd day I was already making beautiful candles thanks to this book! I couldn’t believe it neither could my parents! I’m a 19 year old girl and it just amazes me the fact that I can make these gorgeous candles! Thank You Lynn A. Thomas for creating a complete and very informational book!! ~ Meli B. Jersey City, NJ

I have already purchased your book 3 years ago and still to this day I find it very helpful and useful. I will tell any candle maker that this book is a definite MUST have. I have enjoyed it and truthfully I am so glad I have it. It helped us out a great deal more than you know. We have many candle books but this was the one that we needed for ongoing guidance and support. Thanks for taking the time to write this book~ Tori Gray, Uniquely Lit

“Out of all the gel candle books we have reviewed (and that’s a lot!) yours is still the only book we are happy to recommend to our customers.” ~ Jayne Levy, FullMoons Cauldron (UK) www.fullmoons-cauldron.co.uk

“I endorse only one book… It’s the how-to book penned by Lynn Thomas, The only person to write a sensible, safety conscious gelling book. IMHO it’s the only book written with safety in mind. I’ve browsed some of the gel books at B&N and some of the stuff contained in them just flat out frightens me! ~Amy, http://www.RusticEscentuals.com

Your book is awesome. ~ Jennifer M.

I love the book and the Website~ Monica

You have ALWAYS been inspiration. ~ Liz

My husband and I love your book “Gel Candles”. We feel that your work with candles and your book are trues pieces of art. We obtained great inspiration from reading your book and the pictures were absolutely stunning. Your book is wonderful and you have so many wonderful things in your book. ~ Ken & Teresa Marlowe

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I just started doing gel candles about two years ago.. but just now getting into craft fairs. But here is the link to the book I brought that I found in valuable. Not only does it show the right way but it has tons of design ideas. I also learned from people in this group as well. ~ Kathy http://www.shoppalstores.com/beli

I purchased your book online a couple of weeks ago… wish I had found it before… it is a very complete guide… I started making gel candles and I can’t stop…~ Marie Jacobs

Thank you Lynn and thank you for writing such a wonderful book! ~ Darlene

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Hi I just finished reading your book. First I made 40 candles (from a different book) and now I know how to do it the right way. Very good reading. Thanks for your book and help ~Ron Braschler

If you want to learn how to make gel candles,www.HowToMakeGelCandles.com is the place. They are at the forefront of gel candle technology. We send our customers to Lynn’s website. ~ Tom Yaley Jr., Vice President, Yaley Enterprises www.Yaley.com

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I too read Lynn Thomas’ book and “got hooked”. Now I’m a … I just can’t quit :) ~ Dori in AK

I have purchased your book, and it was wonderful! It took all of the guess work out of making my gel candles for the first time! Thanks so much! ~ Sincerely, Karen A. Hunter

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I, of course, love your book and I’m so glad to hear the rest of the world appreciates you too… when are you coming out with the Sequel? ~ Dee

Received a gel candle from my daughter that I love very much. I found out she made it, following the simple instructions from your book.~ Flora Sanchez

Got your book. Love it!! I’ve been making gel candles for about a year now, but loved the pictures and new ideas I got. Great helpful suggestions. Thanks for the inspiration. I made the “penny candle” for a loan officer at my bank. She loved it. ~ Betty Nowell

I have a copy of your book!!! Excellent!! ~ Penny – Sage Meadow Sundries

I would like to say I love your book! I am new at this but very excited to learn… God Bless ~ Margie Pregont

I am most impressed with the new book… just like the first one it is awesome… keep up the good work. Gay N. Hilton, www.angels-more.com

What an excellent book… I read it in 1 night… incredibly fast shipping, too. Thanks ~ Catherine Harvey

Hi I’m Pam from down in New Zealand and have been trying to set up a gel candle business in NZ since last September. My pen pal in Alabama bought your book for me …I love the newsletters and have read so many great ideas now need to get going on the next phase getting the local crafters gel candle making. Keep up the great work. ~ Pam ~ Talisman Designs – New Zealand

My name is Teresa and I just wanted to let you know how very much I loved your new book. It has answered so many of my questions about gel candles, now I believe that I am ready to get started buying supplies and getting busy. ~ Teresa

I had gotten my first order for an ocean theme gel candle about the same time your book (How to Make & Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wildfire!) arrived in the mail, and boy was I grateful! I have been making paraffin candles for a while now, but I had never made a gel candle before. Your book was a life saver. I would not have been able to make my gel candle without the help of your book. I read the book as I was making the candle and it turned out excellent… so good in fact, that the person I made it for showed it off to her family and friends as she was so pleased. Consequently, I received more orders! It was definitely a win-win situation for all, thanks to what I learned in your book. Thanks so much. I now would buy any “How to Book” that you have written, sight unseen, based on how informative your Gel book was. I do believe your book is very instrumental to helping someone make and understand the gel candles; so if my opinion helps someone decide if they should buy the book or not, then that would make me feel good, because I know I have helped someone else like me get the knowledge they need. ~Sincerely, Zee Swenson-Wehe – Jonzee’s Candles & Toiletries

How to Make & Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wildfire! book contains concise, detailed and easy-to-follow information. It has become the resource for both the novice and the experienced gel candlemaker. Highly recommended. Patty Smith, Gel Candle Design Instructor, Biomax Candles

Ordered your book How to Make Gel Candles – it is fantastic. My gel finally arrived today along with some darling embeds – can’t wait till after supper when I get start on my first candle! Thanks for such an excellent guide ~ Margaret Carmean Ottawa IL

I got your book and I love it. I was on the Internet looking for a part time business that I could involve my children in so they could pay for some extra things they wanted to buy and do. I happened to come across gel candles and instantly fell in love with them. I have ordered my materials and have not even made a candle yet but I know that it will be fun and successful. I have read your book and feel that it has helped me tremendously in preparing me to make the candles and in starting a business. Thank you for writing it. ~ John Burr

I have been pouring over the Internet, researching how to make gel candles. I saw your ad, and honestly hesitated. Then, I gave in, paid the money, and read it. After downloading it, I briefly read through it, and then proceeded to recheck the Internet by myself. I just want to take a minute to thank you, genuinely. Your advertisement is honest, and your book is worth the money. Every cent. You thoroughly explained everything, broke it all down, and your information
is now printed on my desk for easy reference. I just wish that I hadn’t have wasted so many hours trying to do my own research. I can’t wait to make my first gel candle… and I’ll make it with confidence with your book right by my side in the kitchen. ~Thank you. Gretchen

Lynn, Thanks for a GREAT book. I received your book the week before Christmas but didn’t get time to use it until after the holiday. I made my first gel candle last weekend – turned out great, thanks to your clear & detailed instructions. I have all sorts of ideas for candles – now I just have to find the time to create! Thanks again for writing a wonderful book! Best Regards, Sandy Hamilton P.S. The supplier links and newsletters on your site are helpful too.

I absolutely love your book! I had looked for something like your book for some time and was thrilled to find it on line – and available so quickly. I’ve read it at least three times and I keep finding new things! Thanks again for your help and your wonderful book – and your wonderful newsletters – they have given me a lot of great info too, and you must put a lot of hard work into them! Without your book and newsletters, I would not have had the courage to make gel candles. ~Marjie

This is a great book about gel candle making. We could not have been more pleased with Lynn’s book. What we knew about gel candles before purchasing this book would have fit on the head of a pin. Thanks to this book, my sister and I now own our own candle business. We continue to use How to Make & Market Gel Candles That Sell Like Wildfire! for reference and all of the information is right on target with everything we continue to learn. Thank you, Lynn, for giving all of us this great tool. We have learned so much. ~ Donna Welch, The Treasure Garden

This book is fabulous!! A real must have. I keep it on my desktop for quick and easy reference and am having a blast. Plus the fact that I had the book in 15 minutes of discovering it is priceless! Thanks so much! ~ Sue Johnstone

You have a wonderful book and I hope to make all my gel candle visions come to reality. Armed with all of the information in your book, I’m sure I will! Thanks again. Deb

I just bought your book and it’s great! Someone put a lot of time and effort into creating it and it shows. I’m now one of your resellers! Thought you’d like to know. Thanks. ~ Ernest Barnett

I wish I had this book when I made my very first candle… I love it… full of information… I’m having a blast. Thanks for all your hard work and effort in compiling this information. ~ Gay Nell Hilton

Great book for anyone interested in learning how to make gel candles. It answers every question and also has pictures. It is well worth the money. I printed mine out, put in plastic sleeves and made a great notebook for all my questions. ~ Sallie

I just wanted to say that I bought your gel book online and it’s wonderful. A great resource and lots of very helpful hints. The price is good too.~ Barb

After receiving the book, I stayed up practically all night and read the whole book, and then went to the different sites. I love it… and it does have a lot of worthwhile information. It also has a lot of sites to click on that I never knew existed! I spent hours last night just going to all of these places… It is very interesting, informative and well worth the price!! I couldn’t imagine anyone needing anything else as far as wanting to know everything about gel candles. It’s all right there! I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Thanks Lynn ~ Barbara

I do a lot of different types of arts and crafts, so I have a lot of “how to” books – your book instructions are one of the best written – very straightforward. ~ Sandy H.

I got the book!! Thanks a bunch… Read the entire thing twice last night!! ~ Bri

Just bought your book a few days ago and it’s great! ~ Linda

Read the ebook and it was great! Thank you ~ Marie Young

Just love the book! Thanks. ~ Lisa

Keep up the great work. The information is very helpful… and what I’ve noticed the most and appreciate… is the wonderful ‘attitude’ on this site. It is ‘Refreshing’ ~ Jean

I have read your book about three times now and pick some little tidbit every time… great book. So glad you wrote this book as I have hunted high and low for something on gel candles. ~ Linda F.

If you come out with any more books, please let me know. ~ Edna

I read it (the book) last night and it seems like something I can do 😉 …Thank you very much. I love doing business with people like you. ~ Roberta

Try this book… is terrific on learning all about gel candles, ideas and projects. It is well worth the price and I think half of us have read it. ~ Robin Von Kleist

Great book!!! Have learned sooooo much!! ~ Donna

Printed out the book last evening and I am going to devour it this evening…. what a great concept! Thanks Again! ~Vicki

Your book is very informative and covers just about everything! ~ Virginia , The Enchanted Forest

Since buying your book I’ve had so much fun making candles, and you are right about them selling like wild fire. I can’t believe the response I have had, they sell themselves, if someone sees them… they want to buy them. ~Linda Forslund

Thank you!! I love the fact that all the information I need is right there!!! You are a godsend! And the fact that I can print it AND have it for easy access on my computer is the BEST!! ~ Teri

I appreciate the hours of hard work you’ve put into this book… The cost of the book is extremely low and at that price there is very little reason why anyone should not be able to buy it. I’ve learned quite a lot and it seems you’ve answered every question I have so far… It’s organized in a terrific manner, which makes it easy to use and refer to… thank you once again for taking the time to write the book. ~ Dianne Waitron

The book was a great help to get started. ~ Connie

I have to tell you it was the best book I read with great info and resources. I am trying to get my own company started … thanks for the help. ~ Lisa Sonta

A great book, it solved all my problems. Thanks, Lynn! ~ Amy

I am so glad I unexpectedly found this site. I was also hooked when I seen the unique candle made out of gel. They are all beautiful and I look forward to receiving the book. Great site! ~John Atkins

I have benefited greatly from your book. ~ Colleen

Great book! Lots of useful information and helpful tips. ~ J. Wiecha

I bought the book and found a lot of very useful info. I’d say it’s definitely worth it.~ Lisa Berryhill

Lynn, I just bought your book and wish I had found it a year ago! Thanks, ~ Burt Hanna, Hannas Candle Company

Lynn’s book has helped me more than I ever paid for it. ~Debra Kleinhofs

Absolutely wonderful!! I read your book and it has so much valuable information. Funny thing is, I read your book and then went all the way to the archives on the eGroup message board and I was answering the questions myself. ~Noriko

Everyone I have talked to has been very impressed with the detail and ongoing help they get from Lynn’s book. ~Dee www.SilkyTyme.com

I absolutely love your book! I had looked for something like your book for some time and was thrilled to find it on line – and available so quickly. I’ve read it at least three times and I keep finding new things! ~Marjie Duke

I’m a big fan. ~ Marcianne Miller, Book Editor, Lark Books

I just received your book in the mail and read it cover to cover! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information. ~ Victoria Bucher

Thank you so much… I’m very happy with all the subjects (in the book) you included! ~ Patty Herchenroether

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