St Pat Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: St. Patrick’s Day

Let’s all celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish with these delightful gel candles!

  • The base for this candle actually starts with our paraffin wax ‘deep dish cobbler’. It is always lots of fun to be able to use our candle stash in different ways.
  • The cobbler piece comes predrilled with a hole in the center for the wick. We placed the ‘cobbler’ on a small dessert plate, with the 60s series wick installed.
  • Next we added a piece of our white color pallet to melted gel to make the white ‘icing’ for our cake. We used our new HerbEssence FO which has a very clean and fresh scent perfect for so many springtime candles.
  • Allow the gel to start to cool and thicken to resemble icing.
  • We poured the gel over the top of the cobbler piece, allowing it to drape over the sides of the paraffin base.
  • Next we added our green wax shamrocks around the base of the candle. Since our gel was still ‘wet’ the shamrocks adhere right to the sides of our cake.
  • Then we sprinkled some gold glitter and bright green foil shamrocks randomly onto the cake and the plate.. added our glass rainbow to the top, and finally our St. Paddy glass embed himself to the front.

What a cute decoration for the March holiday!

St Patrick's Day Gel Candle "Cake"

St Patrick’s Day Gel Candle “Cake”


Question From Reader:

From the photo you have on the Shamrock Candle (above) You have put foil shamrocks on the candle itself. I was wondering… Is this safe to put anything that will burn ON a candle???? I could make gorgeous Valentine candles with baking candy and other foil hearts…etc…but is this safe????? I didn’t think it would be safe to do the above….Especially IN or ON candles I would want to sell. Anyone? Rosie

Patti ‘s reply:
Dear Rosie, “Glitter and foil shapes” can be made of all kinds of poly products. Some poly products burn badly and even can produce very toxic fumes. Others have flame retardants added, and even others, such as poly products which are microwave and dishwasher safe, are nonflammable. So it is always important to hold that flame to any piece you are going to use in or on a candle and insure that it will not torch and become its own wick. The Shamrocks you see on the candle do not flame. The problem with sugar ingredients is that the sugar can caramelize and burn. That’s why we change over to wax ‘candy pieces’. Good Questions!!! Best, Patti at BioMax

Editor’s Note: we do not recommend putting any flammable items inside your gel candle… if you choose to do so… we recommend using double-nested glassware (items and gel outer glass / gel and wick inner glass) to keep the inflammable items away from the wick.

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
BioMax Candle Supply ~

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