Spring Flowers Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Celebrating Spring, Flowers and Mom

Springtime brings many new opportunities for exciting, creative gel candles ideas. Just as we watch the new re-birthing of the Earth, we also watch our children (not limited to biological) bounce through their different ‘ages and stages’, as they become the next generation of fresh ideas and new enthusiasm.

Gel Candle Floral Designs

Gel Candle Floral Designs

The Earth gives us colorful flowers to brighten our spirits, and something much bigger, gives us a new vision– through gentle eyes– as we watch our children blossom…. yes, these are true gifts of life.

Please Don’t Pick the Daisies…

We started our Daisy candle using a fresh green sand base…

…Remembering first to thread our glass bead onto the wick to snuff the candle flame within the last inch, for safety.

We poured a thin coating of melted gel on top of the sand to lock it into place… use multi-colors and shades of sands and glitters for added interest for your candle base. Customers love those unique looks.

Our next step is to drop those chunks of unmelted gel AROUND the wick.. remember we want our wick to remain super straight and professional-looking.

Using the ‘chunk pouring method’ gives several benefits… you can sprinkle nonflammable glitters and foil shapes to add depth and character, creating the look of suspension to your candle. The chunks also give you substance to hold wax and glass pieces in place . A third benefit is to save time; no need to melt ALL the gel. The gel chunks also give you a quicker cooling time so that you don’t melt wax embeds.

We sprinkled our celestial gold glitter on the chunks and over-poured the liquid gel (scented with our Top-Rated floral scent: Flowering Laurel). This makes just a fabulous, yet a very simple and elegant look.

We wanted our candle to have a ‘2-looks-in-1’… so we selected a yellow daisy for one side and a pink daisy for the other, and chose some loose green wax leaves to position two leaves on one side of the flower for a realistic look.

After our gel begins to thicken, we can slide our wax flower down into the gel, pushing close to the glass surface.

Next we use our BET (embedding tool) to position the leaves where they are most attractive to the eye. We do a final ‘tug’ on our wick and we are finished with another masterpiece that will be a favorite for customers.

Gel Candle Floral Designs

Gel Candle Floral Designs

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
BioMax Candle Supply ~ www.biomax1.com


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