Sparkling Snowflake Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Sparkling Snowflake Candles

Wow! – We have some EXCITING new ideas that are fast and easy for the novice, as well as innovative and professional-looking to challenge the seasoned gel candle maker. As the holidays approach, we have the lead on the commercial market with our “handcrafted products” uniquely created from our own hands and minds… as we share our talents, and bring smiles to the faces of our customers.

In this article we have attempted to give you lots of extra detail and new information so you can answer questions at your shows. Remember knowledge is power! Having many facts about your products arms you if you tend to be a little nervous at the beginning of your shows. Customers always have questions and you want to be prepared and knowledgeable.


Our Sparkling-Snowflake Candle are scented with our newest festive scent, “Holiday Icicles”. We have always found that anything BLUE is a top seller in candles.

We used just a few sprinkles of our Blue Color Crystals (no mess like liquids!) in melted gel for beautiful winter-blue color. We also added a few sprinkles of celestial blue glitter to add the necessary glimmer.

We selected a piece of glassware with flat sides so that our wax snowflakes would easily be visible, right up close to the glass wall.

We poured the gel and then MOST IMPORTANTLY… waited… the necessary time for the gel to cool to about 140-150 degrees. (Check with candy thermometer if you are just learning wax embedding.)

Next we dusted our white wax snowflakes with celestial silver glitter to give them depth and more definition once embedded.

Using our embedding tool (BET) we positioned the wax flakes around the sides of the candle.

Our finishing touch is to embed a couple iridescent 1″ glitter snowflakes between the wax snowflakes…this is a really popular look because these flakes show only from certain angles so that they magically appear and disappear.

We also added a very slight dusting of celestial glitter to the TOP of the candle for that added sparkling finish.

That’s all and simply beautiful!

Sparkling Snowflakes Gel Candles

Sparkling Snowflakes Gel Candles

Article & Design by Patti Smith,
Gel Candle Design Instructor, Biomax Candles


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