Southern Pecan Pie Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Southern Pecan Pie Gel Candle

"pecan pie" Gel Candles

“pecan pie” Gel Candles

Wicks: We use a 60’s series wick in our 5-inch pie. Some prefer to use three 50s wicks. This depends on the amount of light you want and the speed to burn the candle down.

Seat the wick on the bottom of the aluminum pie pan by dipping the wick into the melted gel. Use our BET tool to tightly seat the wick against the pan. The gel is strong enough to hold the metal tab in place and the surrounding solidified gel will hold it in place.

The zinc-core wick will stand erect and you can snip off the extra height just above the top of the pie tin so that the wick does not become unwieldy as you work around it.

Dye: Depending on the volume of dye used, the Maple sugar liquid dye will produce from a champagne color to a tea or cola color to a deep, rich chocolate or coffee color. The liquid colors are wonderful for shading your colors. Use a little to get pastels; add more dye for a deeper, more vibrant color.

Pour this ‘dark’ gel just about an inch so that the metallic bottom of the pan will not shine through the pie.

Sprinkle a few stearic flakes if you want a look that is a little more opaque.

Scent: Southern Pecan Pie FO gives an authentic holiday aroma.

Next, add a few un-melted chunks of gel around the wick to speed up your candle-making (less gel to melt, cools the hot liquid gel faster and speeds the ‘set’ to your candle.) In this manner, when you add the wax pieces (see below) to the top of your pie, the cooled gel won’t melt them.

Continue to pour more liquid gel, colored to the degree you desire for the final pie top.

Pie Crust: When the gel is almost to the top rim of the tin and is a cooler temperature, you are ready to ‘install’ the round crust. Just lay it in place on the tin rim. The wax crust by itself will look very naked and so we always ‘slurp’ the gel onto the crust to get that authentic, baked look …just like from our ovens.

Adding Embeds: Once the pie has cooled sufficiently and you can ‘stir’ the wick and see thickness set in the gel, it is time to add your wax pecan halves, pieces and chips. Because you used chunks of un-melted gel underneath, the nuts should not sink, but make sure you have enough ‘set’ to the gel before adding.

If the nut embeds start to sink, simply pull them out, pull off the gel and re-add them a few minutes later.

Topping Glaze: we pour just a bit of cool gel over top of the pecans to get the glazed nice look and ‘full pie’ appearance.

Place your pie on a glass plate to add to the beauty… and you will surely have the attention of your guests and customers.

Display in mini pie boxes.

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
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Southern Pecan Pie Gel Candles — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for writing, Liane,

    Quoting From the book: How to Make and Market Gel Candles That Sell Like Wildfire!:
    “…Conservatively, the gel should burn at least 13 hours per ounce; an 8-ounce candle should burn 100 hours. A wax paraffin tea candle will burn on the average 3-4 hours, while a gel tea candle will burn on the average 20 hours. (The gel manufacturer) Penreco claims that their gel gets a 40 – 50% burn increase time over paraffin. You will need to test this out for yourself. Many websites and Gellers are claiming that the gel will burn 5 times longer than paraffin, but others say that it’s 2 1⁄2 times at best…”

    Burn times depend on volume of gel, design, embeds, added paraffin, etc.

    And never burn a gel candle for longer than 2 hours at a time

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