Graduation Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Celebrating Graduations

Graduation!! …Life is just beginning…… We have a very special family member graduating High School . She has been accepted to her First-Choice college so we have incorporated her college colors into her graduation candle.

Graduation Gel Candle - vop view of candle

Graduation Gel Candle – vop view of candle

You can also use the high school colors for the base of the candle and then use the college colors for the top half of the candle… perfect to show the transition.

We used purple stones, glitters and foils in the base of our candle, again installing our snuffing bead to insure the flame will self-extinguish at least 1″ above the bottom. We poured a thin layer of gel to seat the color base.

Our next step was again to drop our chunks of unmelted gel around the wick.

Graduation Gel Candle - frontview of candle

Graduation Gel Candle – frontview of candle

We sprinkled celestial purple and gold onto the chunk and poured liquid gel scented with our newest Tranquil Nights FO, which is a special Wonderful new blend of lavender and vanillas plus more.

We then added more chunks and more glitters and fuchsia diamond shapes, and did the remaining pour of liquid gel. We allowed the candle to cool slightly because we have a glass Graduate and Diploma to add and they are somewhat heavy glass embeds.

Again, having our chunks in the body of the candle will give the necessary strength to help hold our embeds in position, but we still want to wait for the gel to thicken.

Then we install our graduate and diploma, using the embed tool to position where we want. Add the top ‘Congratulation Grad’ garland on the outside of the glassware, and you have a finished candle with a great theme, while also customizing for school colors.

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
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