Gel, Wax and Silicone Dessert-Look Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Summer Pie Candles

Dessert gel candles are a big hit — and  with so many new ways to incorporate paraffin and gel together, leaving our customers squealing with delight.

Note: Non-food, not-edible candle items.

We, at BioMax, are very pleased to be able to bring you another packaging idea that can be a “2-in-1” surprise. We now have pie slice containers in which you can actually pour 150-160 degree molten paraffin, to mold your pie slice base. Then adding the toppings of your choice, you have a completed candle, quick and simple. After final creation of your candle, you can then sell the candle in the same container package. Another feature is that they are even ‘stackable’, for ease in packing and shipping.

This month we feature instructions on several ‘pie-slice’ designs as well as cheesecake and brownie slice sundaes. The pie slices and cheesecake slices are formed and packaged inside the pie slice containers, and the brownie slice is actually poured from our new silicone ‘cake slice’, and is boxed in the square clear container package-see pictures. So let’s get on with the show!

Peanut Butter Pie Candles

Wax & Gel Candle Pies

Wax & Gel Candle Pies

We poured a caramel-colored paraffin into the pie slice container. As the paraffin cools, it will shrink just enough to drop out of the pie container. Some customers are spraying the containers with a non-stick cooking spray to make the release even easier. You can also place the poured containers in the freezer to speed up the set, in this hot weather. When the piece is cooled, drop it out and use your B.E.T. (BioMax Embedding Tool) to pierce the center wick hole. Thread a 50’s series wick through the bottom and place the wax back inside the container, to help shape the topping you will create in the next step.

For our peanut butter pie, we wanted lots of fluffy whipping and a chocolate ‘gel’ drizzling. We melted white paraffin from our ‘whipping cream blend’ scented with our new Peanut Butter Cup FO. Allow the paraffin to start to set so that you can lift chunks of wax and place on the top of your pie base. It will be pliable and easy to form and mound with your fingers. Our grand finale is drizzling chocolate scented and colored gel over the top of the ‘whipping cream’.

VARIATIONS: With just some changes to the shading of the paraffin and gel, you can use exactly the same technique to make Butterscotch cream pie slices also. We used a more ‘caramel’ color on the pie base and the gel, and scented with our new Butterscotch Caramel FO. Similarly, using brown paraffin and gel, you have Chocolate Silk Pie. With more yellow based, you have Lemon or Banana crème- don’t forget those wax banana slices and wax chocolate crumb topping! The ideas are only as endless as your taste buds!! At the Chicago convention this last weekend, we even made a German Chocolate Pie slice, using some stearic and soy flakes and wax pecan pieces with over-pouring of gel scented with German Chocolate FO.

Fruit-Topped Cheesecake Candles

Wax & Gel Candle Cheese Cakes

Wax & Gel Candle Cheese Cakes

And who says we can only do pies??? A ‘cheesecake’ base can be made with a very pale cream-colored paraffin base (exactly as the steps above) and scented with Cheesecake FO.

After the wick has been loaded and the base returned to the container, just lay your wax fruits on top of the cake base, and pour COOLED and thickened (colored & scented) gel over the entire top. Whether blueberries, strawberries, cherry, raspberries, etc.. trim the wick to ¼” and you have a masterpiece! In our picture, we created a Strawberry Cheesecake Candle. These candles whip-up in no time, and you can mass-produce. (If you simply don’t have the time and/or space to pour the paraffin bases, we also have them pre-poured in the containers to get you started.)

Variation: Similar.. with a tan-colored base, we added wax ‘cooked apple slices’ to the top, and poured cooled apple scented gel and sprinkled dutch apple crumb topping. We topped that layer with a wax ice cream scoop and re-poured more apple gel for a wonderful syrupy Dutch Apple slice candle.

Wax & Gel Candle Pies

Wax & Gel Candle Pies

Unique Fudge Brownie Sundae Candles

Wax & Gel Candle Brownies

Wax & Gel Candle Brownies

Since the pie slice containers allow for the shape of the bottom crust, we found that we couldn’t use this container for a ‘cake slice’ mold because we needed the size to be different for authenticity. So we created a silicone mold for a cake slice. We have a single-layer mold OR a double-layer mold which has a third cavity for a thin ‘oozing’ icing filler for the middle. We will unveil the double layer cake in a future article, however, this month we used the same single layer mold, poured about half full, to create a brownie wedge slice.

Pouring a deep chocolate-colored and scented paraffin, we again used the BET tool to pierce the wick hole and threaded it from the bottom. (Remember to leave your wicks longer for the toppings you will add.) Next we threaded a wax ice cream scoop and then poured semi-cooled fudge scented gel over the slice and the ice cream scoop and topped it with the bright red wax cherry. This candle packages in our square clear container box making it simple to take for shows and leaving customers smiling as they carry off their newest prize. It also would fit inside the ‘Fresh Baked’ boxes or the little folding candle boxes.

NOTE: Candles must ALWAYS be removed from container packaging and boxes prior to lighting!

Article & Design by Patty Smith,
Gel Candle Design Instructor, Biomax Candles

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