Gel Candle Décor

Gel Candle Designs:  Gel Candle Décor

Most gel candles are made as a scene within a glass jar. The gel candle can relay a mood of romance, whimsey, or far away places. The seashells, and other embeds dance in the light when lit

For safety considerations, we advice using a double glass container. The gel with wick is housed in the inner jar, while the embed items are placed in gel in the outer jar. This not only protects the wick flame from the embeds, it makes the design refillable, leaving the outer design intact as the candle burns.

But what about thinking outside the box? Or in this case… outside the glass?

Designer Signature Designs take gel candle making to a new level!

Creating scenes surrounding the glass can be challenging. You can center your glass-filled candle, or place it off to one side. I prefer to set the scene on a ceramic tile or mirror.

These Designer Scenes, or Signature Scenes should sell for a higher price, depending on the cost of the components. Your gel candle is safely encased in its glass container, keeping gel and flame from the design as it helps create the theme. You may even want to consider “signing” the tile base to create a truly unique piece of art “by the artist”. Nearly any type scene could be utilized: country, city, desert, ocean, sky….. Your only limit is your imagination!

Your design can become a scene that tells a story, like the penguin parade. (Where are they marching to?) This makes a great winter scene on any table.

Gel Candles Designed with Scenes Outside the Glassware

Gel Candles Designed with Scenes Outside the Glassware

Or your gel candle can be part of freestanding holder. You not even have to use a wick — simply add gel and scent and you have a Smellie Gellie!

Gel Candles as part of the Decor

Gel Candles as part of the Decor

If you are just starting out, do not overcomplicate your designs. Some chandlers get so frustrated at trying to embed items in the beginning of their gel crafting journey, that they get frustrated and give up entirely!

There are so many ways to design gel candles and match a theme or decor. Anything from simply gel and a wick… to a 3-D designed story… to a simply Smellie Gellie (no wick at all!)

Designing outside the candle is a great way to design beautiful works of gel art scenes… while keeping your gel candle itself as simple, or complex, as you desire.

Caution: In any design be certain that the gel itself is encased in sturdy, stable glassware and that the flame will not be a hazard to any other piece of the design.

Article & Images by Lynn Thomas
author of How to Make & Market Gel Candles that Sell Like Wildfire!

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