Easter Chick Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Easter Chick Nests

In line with the present craze of dessert candles, we are finding more and more ways to combine the features of paraffin and gel together for very creative, handcrafted gel candles.

This month we feature the EASTER CHICK NEST candles-cute little hatched chicks hovering over jelly beans and Easter grasses in a neat little green paraffin nest, which you can form yourself merely with a 5″ pie tin, some green paraffin and a glass dessert cup.Easter Chick in Nest Gel Candle Design

And here is how to do it!

We used green paraffin… just because Easter is green :o))

Pour the melted wax to fill the pie tin about half full. (The tin acts as your mold).

Use your favorite Easter scent — we chose Jelly Bean FO.

Since we are in Ohio and the temperatures are still cool, we can set the pie tins out of doors to speed up the initial set. We want the top of the paraffin to ‘skin over’. When it has done this go to the next step… which is to create the cavity for the ‘nest’.

Create a slight nick in the skin of the paraffin and gently set a glass custard dish down into the paraffin and center it in the pie tin. Don’t push down too far because you want a medium thick floor in your nest. The displacement of the glass insert will cause the paraffin to climb up the side wall of the pie tin.

Return the tin to cool temperatures and allow to totally harden.

When it has completely cooled, you can easily pull the wax from the tin and remove the glass insert. VALLLAAA! you have a cute little green nest!!

We used our B.E.T. (BioMax Embedding Tool) to pierce a hole in the bottom of the nest so we can thread the wick thru the bottom of the nest.

Next we place some chunks of unmelted gel in the nest and overpour scented gel to fill the nest and create the body of the candle, allowing it to partially set.

Next we mixed stearic with dyes to make pastel pink (using hot pink neon powder), green (neon green powder) and purple (liquid dye) to create our variety colors of Easter grass for our Chicks to sit on.
Easter Chick in Nest in Clear Box Gel Candle Design
Sprinkle the ‘grasses’ on the gel and set three wax chicks around the wick.

Then we added a few wax jelly beans.

Our final step is to drizzle some clear gel over the top of the chicks, grass and jelly beans to create the gloss and ‘fresh hatched’ look.

To package our Chick Nest, we added some commercial Easter grass to our clear 6″ box. great for shipping too!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Article & Design by Patti Smith, Design Artist
BioMax Candle Supply ~ www.biomax1.com

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