Pumpkin and Candy Corn Gel Candles

Halloween Pumpkin and Candy Corn Gel Candles It is said that Halloween is one of the most decorated holidays besides Christmas, so in preparation, this month we feature a Pumpkin Patch gel candles, with glass embeds, and a Candy Corn … Continue reading

Holiday Gel Candle Smellie Gellies

Gel Candle Designs: Holiday Candles & Smellie Gellies Ideas When everyone is rushed—instead of detail instructions–a picture is worth many words… so we are giving you over 20 brand new Holiday gel candles to help you with those last minute … Continue reading

Father’s Day Sports Gel Candles

Gel Candle Designs: Father’s Day /Sports Candles For our all-around sports-loving Dads, we create Father’s Day sporting gel candles. We chose a piece of glassware with large enough diameter so we could embed a baseball, football, basketball and soccer ball. … Continue reading